Glass Skylights product overview

Skylights with attractive designs and considerable architectural allure

Glass Skylights are genuine all-rounders. They provide an optimum intake of daylight into the building when placed on the flat roof. This floods the room with up to three times more daylight than when using facade windows. In this context, we adapt the Glass Skylights to your individual needs and identify the ideal solution for your construction project. The apartment building, the office complex, the school or university should not only integrate as much natural light as possible into daily life, they should also be energy-efficient. Glass Skylights are the ideal solution in this regard. Whether composite frames or aluminium frames, you can choose from a wide range of glazing types. A welcome side effect: Real glass glazing provides effective soundproofing. Our Glass Skylights are also real eye-catchers. We not only produce different sizes, but also different shapes: from square and circular to pyramid.