LAMILUX daylight systems – Active energy managers for sustainable buildings

LAMILUX rooflight domes, continuous rooflights and glass roof structures act as active energy managers on the roofs of industrial and administrative buildings, sports and events halls, prestigious buildings, shopping malls and residential buildings. They provide extremely valuable energy performance to ensure an optimised energy balance in buildings: natural light intake and high-quality, heat-insulated structures save energy while automated functional units such as ventilation flaps and solar protection systems control energy and photovoltaic systems generate power.

LAMILUX fibre-reinforced plastics – Composites for markets of the future

As an extremely sturdy, yet very lightweight construction material, the fibre-reinforced composites produced in our continuous, large-scale, industrial flat sheet process offer numerous opportunities for product developments and is continually opening up new areas of use in dynamic growth markets worldwide: lightweight construction and energy-efficient mobility, transport and logistics, food industry, modern facade design, portable room systems and temporary buildings.