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LAMILUX Smoke Lift Twin

Twice as much safety for industrial buildings with certified full ventilation

The Smoke Lift Twin combines a SHEV function (smoke outlet as per EN 12101-2), optimum daylight incidence and natural ventilation in a compact system. With a wide range of composite glazing options and a variety of sizes, this daylight element suits perfectly for the industrial sector.

Product description

Smoke Lift Twin

Overall system:

  • Tested to DIN EN 12101-2
  • Exceptional ratio between opening width and smoke outlet surface (available in 1,600 sizes)
  • Full and partial ventilation possible: The SHEV fitting can be operated via the SHEV control panel for full ventilation (ventilation in good weather)
  • Optional: Adverse weather ventilation
  • Very large dimensions up to 3m x 3m
  • Easy installation, the unit can be carried effortlessly by two people
  • Compatible with all Continuous Rooflights and all substructures
  • Silicone-free
  • Pneumatic or electric (24V) SHEV function
  • Thermal release with CO2 cylinders is not damaged during tests or due to false alarms
  • Frame available in RAL colours
  • Optional: Insect protection grid
  • Optional: Wind and/or rain sensors for automated opening and closing of the Double Flap in the event of wind and rain (individual or group operation)
  • High wind load resistance (WL 3000)
  • Optional: Fall-through protection grid or deciduous tree sheeting


  • U-value up to 1.2 W/m²K
  • Available as “hard roofing” B, roof (t1)
  • Optional: Building material class B, s1-d0


Smoke Lift Twin

technical details

Smoke Lift Twin

  • Dynamic Torque Control – DTC

The glazing in the flap systems is perfectly tensioned and firmly secured. This results in excellent stability and high reliability even in extreme weather conditions such as strong wind and snow loads.

  • Thermally separated flaps

How you benefit: Reduction in heating costs and elimination of mould formation.

  • Surrounding double sealing system for optimum air and watertightness
  • Blower Door

The optional “blower door” fitting provides an extra inner sealing layer. The sealing package consists of additional permanently elastic sealing profiles and sealants, which ensure that the double flap system is suitable for building tests at 50 Pa.

  • Driven Rain Index - DRI

The world’s first Double Flap with certified watertightness in heavy rain and during storms (DRI 3.0 m²/s with a reference size of 120cm x 120cm)

sizes and values

Smoke Lift Twin

AW-values for flaps with wind deflectors

Width / lengthStraight upstandSteep upstandInclined upstand
120/800.61  -  -
120/1200.92  -  -

Other sizes and Aw-values are available on request.


Smoke Lift Twin

Smoke Lift Twin​

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Smoke lift twin​

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