CI System Smoke Lift M

Smoke and heat ventilation units (SHEV units) are essential components in any fire-protection concept. These life-saving, asset-protecting systems are compulsory requirements as fire safety measures.

We provide for a whole range of requirements tailored to your project's needs:
open-only, open-close, pneumatic, 24V, 230V; certified to EN 12101-2, SHEV designed and dimensioned in accordance with DIN 18232-2, regional building regulations and industrial construction guidelines – for rooflight domes, night flaps, individual flaps, continuous rooflights, glass roof structures, staircases, lift shaft smoke extraction and wall glazing.

Product description

How you benefit

The smoke and heat ventilation system comprises a thermally separated flap system, and a pneumatic or electric SHEV triggering component; it can be fitted with a surface inclination of between 0° and 90°.

  • EN 12101-2 approved
  • Flap width and height as desired
  • Perfectly suited for building restoration work as can be easily installed into other systems
  • Choice between pneumatic and 24 V electric motor drive
  • Ventilation function electric or pneumatic (depending on flap system: fair weather and/or normal ventilation)
  • Maintenance-friendly, as the thermally automatic release of individual devices remains intact in the event of remote triggering or false alarm
  • Optional: RAL coating possible
  • Optional: solar protection with deciduous tree effect available
  • Optional: glazing-integrated solar protection
  • Possible as a single flap or double flap design

Flap system variations

CI System Smoke Lift M (Kopie 1)

  • Function: SHEV open, SHEV open-closed, fair weather ventilation
  • Flap system design: installation at any angle between 0° and 90°
  • Resistance against wind load (Class C4/B5 EN 12210)
  • Watertight against driving rain (Class E, 1200 EN 12208)
  • Heat protection (Ug values of 1.7 to 0.6 W/(m²K) EN 673)
  • Overall energy transmittance (g between 18 and 78 per cent)
  • Permeability to air (Class 4, EN 12207)
  • Light transmission (Lt between 19 and 82 per cent)
  • Sound insulation (EN ISO 140-3 up to 45 dB)

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