CI System Double Flap ME

Product description

Overall system:


  • Tested to DIN EN 12101-2
  • Ventilation function possible
  • Optional: fair weather ventilation system opens up to an angle of 90° (depends on size)
  • Optional: rainproof ventilation thanks to side flaps integrated into up stand
  • Pneumatic or electric (24 V) SHEV function
  • Thermal release with CO2 cylinders is not damaged during tests or due to false alarms
  • Optional: RAL coating of your choice
  • Optional: insect protection grating
  • Optional: wind and/or rain sensors for automated opening and closing of rooflight domes in the event of wind and rain (group or individual operation)
  • Resistance against wind load (Class C4/B5 EN 12210)
  • Watertight against driving rain (Class E, 1200 EN 12208)
  • High air impermeability (Class 4, EN 12207)
  • Permanent fall-through protection (GS-BAU-18)



  • Heat control insulation glass (Ug values of 1.1 to 0.6 W/(m²K) as per EN 673)
  • Optional: glazing with PC panels
  • You will find more glazing types in our price list



  • GRP up stand heat insulated over its entire surface
  • Complies with DIN 18234 with no additional measures such as gravel fill required
  • Ideal structural mount
  • Upstand geometry aerodynamically optimised to ensure an effective flow of smoke in conjunction with wind baffles

Technical details

DLS – Dynamic Layer Seal

Seal: two independent seal layers, which are staggered both vertically and horizontally, provide an exceptional seal against driving rain (Class E 1200 EN 12208) and offer low air permeability (Class 4 EN 12207). The Dynamic Layer Seal (DLS) protects against splash water and ensures an effective vapour barrier.

TAD – Thermo active design

Saving energy: A patented structural ribbing uses the heat energy of the room air below the base for the glazing. This increases the surface temperature on the aluminium frame, resulting in a flawless isothermal characteristic (Uf < 1.5 W/[m²K] as per EN 1007) with condensation reduced to a minimum as a result.

Sizes and values

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Smoke and heat exhaust systems



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