Staircase Smoke Removal in accordance with the German federal state building codes with the LAMILUX Staircase Set

A geometric smoke removal surface of 1 m² is required, respectively at least 5 % of the staircase base area, to realize staircase smoke removal in accordance with federal state building codes, The skylights CI-System Rooflight Dome F100, Glass Element F100 and Glass Element FE/FP/FW can therefore be equipped with the LAMILUX Staircase Set for automatic opening. We recommend the following optimal skylight dimensions: 120x120cm or 100x150cm.

Benefits of the LAMILUX Staircase Set

  • Geometrically free opening surface for skylight dimensions 120x120 cm amounts to 1.02 m², respectively 1.07 m² for dimensions of 100x150 cm
  • Off-grid
  • Electrically controlled with ventilation system
  • Ready-to-assemble kit including all required  units, installation manual and connection plans
  • Easily fitted by an electrician
  • Suitable for CI-System Roofllight Dome F100, Glass Element F100, Glass Element F and Glass Element FP/FW

Standard components

  • Electric motor 500 mm upstroke, 24 V, with an integrated power cut-off
  • Control unit for a maximum of two motors with control connectors for SHEV and ventilation buttons and various accessories such as smoke detectors*, heat detectors* or wind and/or rain sensors* (*Optionally available)
  • Two SHEV buttons with visual display surface mounted (number in accordance with requirements on the construction site)
  • Flush-mounted ventilation button