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Sandler, Schwarzenbach, Germany

Essential Information

Place / country:Schwarzenbach, Germany
Building type:Production shed
Solutions:CI System Smoke Lift
GRP up stand
SHEV control panel
Louvered ventilators

42% energy saving

Uw=1.8 W/(m²K) vs. Uw=3.1 W/(m²K) as per German Energy Performance of Buildings Directive 2009

Extensive shed interiors lit using daylight and smoke and heat exhaust needs met in accordance with the fire safety concept requirements

  • Smoke lift for SHEV fitting, thermally separated and free of thermal bridges as a completely heat-insulated overall system, tested to DIN EN 12101-2, fully pre-assembled on a GRP up stand with thermal insulation core, opening angle of 172°
  • SHEV control panel for activating up to two 24 V ventilation and smoke exhaust drives
  • CO2 alarm station
  • Louvered ventilators act as air inlet device in the event of an alarm, designed to provide day-to-day ventilation
  • Double-glazed, opal acryl glazing, 70% light transmission and energy transmission