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VauDe, Tettnang

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Tettnang, Germany

Building type:Office building

CI-System Rooflight Dome F100

CI-System Smoke Lift F100

CI-System Reflective

30 CI-System Rooflight Dome F100 elements and 10 CI-System Smoke Lift F100 elements ensure an increased, bright daylight incidence and thus a pleasent athmosphere in the office spaces of the world-famous Sportswear Producer.

Additionally, all daylight elements are equipped with LAMILUX Reflective a highly reflective coating at the inside of the upstand.

This unique, light-channeling element consists of a highly reflective aluminium-reflector material and provides a glare-free Illumination. It increases the light Transmission of the domelights up to 50%, allows for a lengthend period of daylight incidence up to 25% and saves up to 33% on artificial light costs, as well.