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METRO Simmering, Vienna

Essential information

Place/Country:Simmering/Vienna, Austria
Building type:Warehouse
Solutions:CI System Rofflight Dome F100
CI System Smoke Lift F100
CI System Continuous Rofflight B
Safety Net

Construction of a new Warehouse in Simmering, Vienna.

Altogether 125 Rooflight Domes F100 and five Continuous Rooflights ensure a perfect incident of daylight and the daily aeration and ventilation.

Security is not only provided by the SHEV-Function but also by the installed falling through protection grilles in every Rooflight Dome and Continuous Rooflight.

  • With wind baffles equipped Double Flap System
  • CO2 alarm cabinet
  • Rooflight Domes with double layer seal system
  • To reach an excellent heat insulation value the Continuous Rooflights consist of two PC-sheets (each 10mm)