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University of Music and Performing Arts, Munich

Essential Information

Place / country:Munich, Germany
Building type:Administrative building
Solutions:CI System Glass Architecture KWS 60
CI System Ventilation Flap M
Electric motor openers
Solar control insulating glass

61% energy saving

Uw=1.2 W/(m²K) vs. Uw=3.1 W/(m²K) as per German Energy Performance of Buildings Directive 2009

Glass roofs reconditioned in the south and north section of the building while taking into account current energy efficiency requirements for daylight systems. The steel bearing structures continue to be used as the supporting structure due to building preservation reasons.

  • Glass roofs in hipped roof shape with 20° pitch, Ug value = 1.1 W/(m²K)
  • Flap systems for SHEV function and natural ventilation; light transmission tested to EN 12207 (Class 4), watertightness as per EN 12208 (Class E1200), resistance under wind load as per EN 12210 (Class C4/B5)
  • Thermally separated, extruded aluminium sections
  • Installation of supply cable and flap control connection to building control system
  • Heat protection insulation glazing made of laminated safety glass, 67% light transmittance and 46% overall energy transmission, Thermix edge bond, sound reduction index Rwp about 35 dB