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Thier-Galerie, Dortmund

Essential Information

Place / country:Dortmund, Germany
Building type:Shopping mall

CI System Ventilation Flap M
CI System Glass Architecture KWS 60

Building automation/CI Control Technology
Pneumatic upstroke opener

Heat insulation glazing



Uw=1.1 W/(m²K) as per DIN EN 673

2,300 m² glazed roof surface consisting of three pitch roofs and a rotunda, which bring plenty of light into the shopping mall interior. Special glass printed with dots prevents glare and restricts solar heat input. As a result, it's not only the people underneath who benefit from an optimal indoor climate, but the operators as well thanks to an optimised energy balance.

  • 116 pneumatically operated flap systems LAMILUX CI System Smoke Lift M and LAMILUX CI System Double Flap ME
  • Conceptual design and installation of control devices
  • Control process automation for SHEV and ventilation functions
  • Connected to building control technology via Modbus connection