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Sports hall, Adorf / Germany

Essential info

Place/Country:Adorf / Germany
Building type:Sports hall

CI-System Continuous Rooflight B incl. Ventilatin Flap B

CI-System Glass Architecture KWS 60 incl. Ventilatio Flap M

CI-System Rooflight Dome F100

Building Automation System:

Sunshade Controls

Night cooling & additional functions


In the course of the recovery  package II implemented remediation project: Rebuilding of a new modern sports hall after demolition. LAMILUX took over the complete planning and assembly for the daylight systems and also for the SHEV-Systems.

  • Continuous Rooflight B with a length of 34m incl. ventilation flap B and motor opener
  • Continuous Rooflight- glazing: UV-resistant surface, opal, glare-free; Ug Value: 1,5W/m²K
  • LAMILUX shed Roof with surface inclination of 25° over a length of 36m, divided into 72 glass fields; RAL-coated construction
  • Thermal unsulation glazing Ug-1,1 W/m²K, 35dB, matt foil
  • Ventilation flap M incl. motor opener
  • Rooflight Dome F100 completely thermally separated
  • Connection to the building Automation with many convenience functions like Ventilation that depends on wind and rain, night cooling, automated shading control system