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Ruhr Zoo

Essential Information

Place / country:Gelsenkirchen, Germany
Building type:Zoo
Solutions:CI System Glass Architecture KWS 60
NSES Flap KWS 60
Ventilation Flap KWS 60
CI System Rooflight Dome

Delivery and installation of about 1,000m² of glazing on an existing framing construction with integrated SHEVS and ventilation Structures can be accessed to a certain extent for cleaning and maintenance purposes according to GS-Bau 18.

  • Shed continuous rooflights with glazing and sawtooth roof glazing, 15° roof pitch
  • KWS 60 section on existing, end-to-end, load-bearing support structure
  • Toughened safety glass outside, LSG inside
  • Ventilation flaps with EM type motorised opener for individual and group activation using console
  • Opal, acryl glass rooflight dome