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Rehau AG

Essential Information

Place / country:Eltersdorf, Germany
Building type:Office building
Solutions:CI Systems: Glass Architecture KWS 60
Ventilation flap
Motorised opener
SHEV DIN pushbuttons, fan push buttons
Wind and rains sensors
Deciduous tree shading

Supply and installation of an aluminium and glass hipped roof with shading components to provide the so-called deciduous tree effect.

  • Installation of KWS 60 hipped roof structures with a 45° pitch and Solar Control Glass SUN 70/40, Ug value = 1.1 W/(m²K)
  • SHEV / ventilation flap type SLF/SRK, including 24 V electric opener, combined SHEV ventilation / control panel, SHEV DIN pushbutton, fan pushbutton, wind and rain sensors, and shading over the glass roof with patented 'deciduous tree effect' metal sheets