LAMILUX Flat Roof Exit Comfort Duo
Comfort in exclusive design

Flat Roof Exit Comfort Duo

Individual Luxury – Daylight at its best

The benefits at a glance

Flat Roof Exit Comfort Duo

Design & Comfort

  • Generous daylight incidence
  • Convenient access to the roof terrace via stairs (on-site)
  • Self-cleaning due to 5° inclined upstand
  • Partial glazing on a 3° sloping upstand on the eaves side
  • Infinitely variable ventilation position of both leaves
  • Clear optics: no interfering edges and no visible drive units in the interior
  • Variety of colours according to RAL card (edging profiles)
  • leaf system, motor opener and upstand are completely pre-assembled at the factory


  • Complete construction without thermal bridges
  • Completely thermally insulated upstand
  • Can be equipped with the highest quality functional glass
  • Minimized risk of condensation


  • Closing and opening from outside possible via optional key switch (min. IP54)
  • Emergency stop function during closing by light barrier
  • Compliance with DIN 18234 without additional measures (prevention of fire expansion on the flat roof)
  • As a standard: Outer pane TSG, inner pane LSG
  • Resistance to external fire exposure from flying sparks and radiant heat with classification B,roof(t1) according to DIN EN 13501-5
  • Fall-through proof and accessible for cleaning and maintenance purposes according to DIN 18008-6

Equipment Variants

Flat Roof Exit Comfort Duo

Glazing Types

Our glazing offer considers the following individual aspects

  • Daylight incidence - transparency and light scattering
  • Energy efficiency / thermal insulation
  • Sun protection / heat protection
  • soundproofing
  • self-cleaning
DescriptionUg-valueLight transmissionTotal energy permeabilitySound insulation


1,1 W/(m²K)80 %62 %38 dB
W103 (with matt, light-coloured film)1,1 W/(m²K)54 %59 %38 dB

Other types of glazing available on request


  • 4 x 24 V linear drives, weatherproof, with control panel
  • Protection class IP 65, 1 A power consumption per motor

Upstand - Stability and thermal insulation

The seamlessly manufactured upstand (top roof edge dimensions 120 x 300 cm) forms the base for the construction. It provides the ideal thermal connection to the building structure. The LAMILUX upstands made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic are CFC-free, completely pigmented white and thermally insulated with rigid polyurethane foam. They have a weatherproof seal and are not considered to be burning drips and comply with DIN 18234 without additional measures. LAMILUX upstands have a closed box cross-section - this makes them very stable and torsion-resistant.

The continuous insulation, at least 55 mm thick, ensures an excellent heat transfer coefficient of 0.6 W/m²K. The upstand is 40 cm high on the eaves side and rises by 3° to 55 cm on the ridge side. This supports the self-cleaning of the element.




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LAMILUX Flat Roof Exit Comfort Duo

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