The shed roof solution for dual benefit


LAMILUX offers you all solar advantages from a single source. And if you install your PV modules on a daylight system, you benefit twice as much – through high-yield energy production and cost-saving natural light.

NEW: CI System Continuous Rooflight Senergyline  – the first series-manufactured ridge roof continuous rooflight for own electricity generation. Benefit from a reduction in electricity costs by up to 50%.

Natural light incidence

  • The north side of the structure can be fitted with a wide variety of heat-insulated glazing with high light transmittance and feature SHEV and ventilation flaps.

Generate energy

  • The south side of a north light shed structure provides an ideal platform to fasten photovoltaic systems securely.

How you benefit:

  • Utilisation of optimum position of sun at 30°
  • Extremely resilient aluminium support structure based on LAMILUX CI System Glass Architecture KWS60 for maximum stability and structural safety
  • Fitting of semi-transparent glazings with modules integrated into the glass
  • Types available as serial manufactured continuous rooflight structure: CI System Continuous Rooflight Senergyline