Maintenance and repairs for SHEVS systems

Smoke and heat ventilation systems must trigger and respond quickly and correctly in case of fire. In other words: 100 percent reliability and functionality of the SHEV system. Regular maintenance is a must for SHEV system operators, as you are legally required to take any necessary measures to keep people out of danger in case of fire.

As an approved supplier we perform maintenance for compliance with VdS directives, and keep records of maintenance activities performed. These records, which are required by DIN 18232, by VdS, and in many cases by the building authorities, provide proof to your insurers that you comply with fire prevention rules.

Key maintenance items:

  • Examination of complete system for modifications performed by owner
  • Pressure test of CO2 lines
  • Measuring of wiring and accumulators
  • Inspection of CO2 cartridge filling levels
  • Inspection of screw connections
  • Checking of moving parts, such as plungers on pneumatic cylinders
  • Cleaning of SHEVS to remove dust, oily deposits and corrosion
  • Complete actuation of SHEV system via group actuation point (alarm box)