Rooflight Dome F100 round Version



  • NEW: Our CI System Rooflight Dome F100 round version is BIM ready – You can download it on
  • The light dome is available in a rigid version or with 24V electric motors
  • Safe and easy installation for different roof seal systems and types of roofs


  • Available rigid or ventilated 
  • Glazing options: double layer, triple layer or double layer + PC
  • Available diameter: 60 cm, 80 cm, 90 cm, 100 cm, 120 cm, 150 cm, 180 cm
  • Height of upstand: 30 cm, 50 cm, 70 cm
  • You will get more information about our Rooflight Domes in round version from your contact person

Smoke extraction of stairwells

Smoke extraction of stairwells becomes easy and simple with our standard sets for smoke extraction for stairwells. No complex SHEV calculations needed. Click here for more information.

Technical details

Energy efficiency

Optimum Ur values are ensured by the energy-relevant interplay throughout the structure between individual system components, such as glazing, the border frame, the seal system, and upstand. Crucial factors in this respect are the choice of materials, component geometry, the overall structure design and insulation.

Isothermal lines are lines featuring the same temperature and reveal a measurable customer benefit. The 10.0° isothermal line is a fixed measured variable used in building physics (red line in the diagram). If this line goes off a structure, condensate or even hoar frost will form precisely at this point. In contrast, optimum, flawless distribution of the 10.0° isothermal line leads to a noticeable reduction in the risk of condensation on the interior of the overall structure when temperatures are low outside. The 10.0° isothermal line must be calculated in accordance with specified framework conditions.

Optimised isothermal characteristics for consistent heat insulation zones without any weak spots provide superior heat protection in all sections throughout the structure. LAMILUX calls this thermal bridge-free product concept TIP: Total Insulated Product.