LAMILUX Rooflight Dome F100: The advantages

Energy efficiency

  • The CI System Rooflight Dome satisfies all the requirements of EnEV 2014
  • All-over heat-insulated GRP-upstand with U-value = 0.9 W/m2K
  • Thermally ideal mount (e.g. heat-insulated base flange)
  • Completely thermal bridge-free structure for optimum U values and reduced risk of condensation
  • LCA made easy: For our CI System Rooflight Dome F100 there is an comprehensive product declaration according to ISO 14025 and EN 15804 (EPD - modules A1 - D)


  • NEW: The world's first rooflight dome with audited watertightness under heavy rain and storm (DRI 3.0 m / s² - at a reference size of 120 x 120 cm)
  • Tested and classified in accordance with EN 1873 - 2014 (first European product standard for rooflight domes) – e.g. with regard to wind and snow load bearing capacity

Safety and SHEVs

  • Preventive fire protection: compliance with DIN 18234 (prevention of fire spread on rooftops without additional measures (e.g. gravel fills))
  • Satisfies the requirements of EN 12101-2 for smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems
  • Improved acoustic insulation and protection against driving rain
  • Are you looking for the CI System Rooflight Dome F100 as SHEV? You will be redirected here.


  • The rooflight dome is ventilated and locked as standard – ventilation units can be retrofitted at any time
  • Reliable and easy installation in various different roof type and roof sealing systems

Alternatively available: aluminum or sheet steel upstands