LAMILUX Rooflight Dome F100: The accessories

Columbus Treppen and LAMILUX present a world’s first

LAMULUX now provides its energy-efficient CI Systems in combination with the Columbus concertina ladder, which can be connected in a few simple steps. Assembly takes place on-site. Both components are joined together and installed on the roof as a complete system.

  • Customers benefit from shorter planning service when constructing roof exit hatches
  • Adaptable to the LAMILUX CI Systems Rooflight Dome F100, Glass Element F100 as well as Glass Element F
  • Available up to a maximum height of 430 cm
  • Installation of the concertina ladder has no adverse effect on the functions of the manual roof exit hatches
  • Lockable window handle prevents any unauthorized access



The LAMILUX Safety Net is mounted between the glazing and the rooflight dome. Therefore, permanent fall-through protection is guaranteed.

  • Nearly unlimited exposure to light of the rooms below
  • Installation of the LAMILUX Safety Net in double and triple glazing possible
  • Available from top roof edge size 80/80 cm up to 200/350 cm
  • Tested and certified according to GS-BAU-18

Fall-through protection grille/ break-in protection grille

  • Provide permanent fall-through protection in compliance with employers' liability insurance association approval certificate 
  • Burglary-resistant in compliance with ENV 1627 

Laser-cut fall-through grid LA 120

  • Laser-cut fall-through grid made of galvanized sheet steel
  • Improved visual appearance due to the sheet steel
  • Tested with 1.200 Joule

Manual opening device with hand crank

  • Type AK (single-device design), type TAK (dual design)
  • Stroke height: approx. 28 cm
  • Available lengths for hand cranks: 150 cm, 200 cm, extendible 175 cm – 300 cm and 250 cm – 400 cm

230V Electric motor

  • Type EM (single device or dual design) 
  • Voltage: 230 V 
  • Stroke height: 30 or 50 cm
  • Protection class: IP 54
  • End position control and thermal overload protection

24 V Electric motor

  • Type EM (single device or dual design)
  • Including disconnection under load 
  • Voltage: 24 V 
  • Stroke height: 30 cm, 50 cm or 75 cm
  • Protection class: IP 65

Opening device with pneumatic cylinder

  • Type PZ (single device or dual design) 
  • Including end position locking 
  • Required operating pressure: 8 bar 
  • Stroke heights: 30 cm, 50 cm or 70 cm

Convenient roof exit and entry domes

  • Essential for maintenance and repair work on flat roofs 
  • Roof exit dome can optionally be combined with ventilation function or with roof entry dome 
  • Opening by hand (lever lock and telescopic damper) 
  • Electric motor operation (24 V with control panel) optionally possible up to a size of 120 cm x 240 cm 

solar protection with deciduous tree effect

  • Metal screen (also RAL-coated as required) 
  • Hail protection
  • Provide permanent fall-through protection in compliance with employers' liability insurance association approval certificate

Controllable solar protection system

  • Internal solar protection, electrically operated 
  • Fastened to the inside of the upstand 

Insect protection grating

  • Integrated into the upstand





  • With weatherproof hood 
  • For ventilation 
  • Integrated in the 50-cm high upstand 
  • Air flow volume: 840 m³/h 
  • Protection class: IP 44 

Small space ventilation unit

  • This unit is integrated into upstands 30, 40 and 50 cm high to provide ventilation 
  • Speed-control possible 
  • Weatherproof hood incl. integrated insect shield 
  • Air flow volume: 180 m³/h 
  • Protection class: IP 34 

Wind and rain sensor

  • For automatic closing and opening of the rooflight dome in the event of wind and rain

Reed Contact

  • Magnetic switch integrated in the frame profile – for a contactless switching operation
  • Signaling the opening position (open/ closed) of the daylight element
  • Connection to the alarm system possible