LAMILUX Passive House Continuous Rooflight B:
The Advantages


Certified energy efficiency

  • First Passive House certified Continuous Rooflight
  • Highest Passive House efficiency class – phA advanced component
  • Heat transmittance coefficient (USK): 0.96 W/(m²/K)
  • Thermal-bridge-free overall system with a smooth isothermal line
  • Determining of thermal characteristic values on the basis of DIN EN ISO 10077-1 and 10077-2
  • Ecological balance sheet made easy: for the CI System Continuous Rooflight Benergysave exists a comprehensive environmental product declaration according to ISO 14025 and EN 15804 (EPD - Modules A1 - D)


Stability and Safety

  • The world's first Continuous Rooflight with audited watertightness under heavy rain and storm (DRI 3.0 m/s²)
  • Based on the European admission ETA-09-0374
  • Complies with European standards regarding snow and wind loads
  • Thermal protection properties tested in accordance with ETAG 010
  • Watertightness tested in accordance with ETAG 010
  • Burn-through safety verified in accordance with DIN 18234-3
  • Resistance of glazing to hail tested in accordance with VKF Bern guidelines
  • Melt-out of glazing verified in accordance with DIN 18230-1
  • Certified fall-through protection grid according to GS Bau 18