Active energy management for passive houses

Since the German government committed itself to a transition towards renewable energy sources and an even greater focus has been placed on energy efficiency, the energy-efficiency qualities of structural components have become an all-important factor in contemporary construction and Passive house design is now a hot topic. Constructing buildings in compliance with the Passive house Standard offers the best approach to creating the required carbon-neutral housing stock over the new few decades.

A Passive house requires highly energy-efficient components to maintain its high standards. As an independent testing centre, the Passive house Institute in Darmstadt, Germany, carries out tests using standardised criteria to give architects and planners a clear idea of energy efficiency in construction components.

Passive house efficiency classes


PsiopakPassive house efficiency classDescription
<= 0.220 W/(mK)phCCertifiable component
<= 0.155 W/(mK)phBBasic component
<= 0.110 W/(mK)phAAdvanced component