LAMILUX Glass Roof: The advantages

Optimized sealing and drainage system

  • Efficient ventilation of glass rebates and controlled water and condensate draining
  • Overlapping multistage sealing system, designed without direct joints and a secondary drainage in the inner sealing layer
  • Joint-free, continuous drainage plane is thus guaranteed for the transom/ mullion
  • Heat transfer coefficient of the jambs and transoms (Um/t) of 1.3 to 0.72 W/(m²K) (depending on glazing thickness)

Active energy management

  • Reduction of heat losses of the frame construction
  • Integration of CI System Ventilator Sash M: system certified (CE conformity) according to DIN EN 14351-1 (waterproof against driving rain, permeability to air, resistance to wind load, soundproofing, heat protection, total energy transmission, light transmission)
  • LCA made easy: For our CI System Glass Architecture PR60 there is an comprehensive product declaration according to ISO 14025 and EN 15804 (EPD - modules A1 - D)

Safety & SHEVS

  • Soundproofing demonstrated in system test in as-installed state as per EN 10140-2 up to 46 dB
  • Integration of the CI System smoke lift M: tested smoke and heat extraction system in accordance with EN 12101-2.
  • Integrated Control technology possible