LAMILUX Roof Exit Hatch Comfort - Double Flap:
The fittings

Glazing types


Our range of glazing takes into account different aspects on an individual basis

  • Daylight intake – Transparency and light diffusion
  • Energy efficiency / heat insulation
  • Solar protection / protection against heat
  • Noise insulation
  • Self-cleaning
  • Safety – Fall protection system and anti-burglary protection

Heat Insulation Glass W102


  • Ug value: 1.1 W/m²K
  • Translucency: 80 %
  • Total energy transmission: 62 %
  • Soundproofing: 38 dB


Heat insulation glass - with opal-tinted (matt, clear) film - W103


  • Ug value: 1.1 W/m²K
  • Translucency: 54 %
  • Total energy transmission: 59 %
  • Soundproofing: 38 dB



Ventilation drives

  • Four 24 V linear drives, weatherproof, with control panel
  • Protection rating of IP 65, 1 A power consumption per motor

Upstand mounting details

Hard PVC connecting rail

The hard PVC connecting rail is optionally laminated onto the base flange in the factory and seal-welded in the corners. High polymer PVC and VAE roof sheeting can be welded directly onto the base flange using an expanding air or hot air welding process. Figure with heat-insulated base flange.

Bitumen connection

  • Easy processing (adhesion of hot bitumen)