LAMILUX Roof Exit Hatch Comfort - Double Flap:
The advantages


Design & comfort

  • Generous daylight intake
  • Convenient access to the roof terrace using stairway (provided by client)
  • Optional: operated using radio remote control
  • Self-cleaning thanks to partial glazing at an angle of 5° on a up stand which slopes 3° downwards on the eave side
  • Continuously adjustable ventilation position for one or both flaps
  • Sleek appearance: no projecting edges or visible drive units inside
  • Wide variety of colours based on RAL system (surrounding profile)
  • Flap system, motor opener and up stand are fully pre-assembled in the factory
  • Optional: automated opening and closing guided by temperature and air quality sensor

Energy efficiency

  • Overall structure free of thermal bridges
  • Upstand heat insulated over its entire surface
  • Possible to fit with superior quality functional glazing
  • Minimised risk of condensation


  • Permanent fall-through protection (GS-BAU-18)
  • Possible to close from the outside using optional control unit
  • Smoke removal: can also be used to remove smoke
  • Emergency stop during closing triggered by sensor barrier
  • Complies with DIN 18234 without any additional measures required (prevention of fire spread on flat roofs)
  • Optional: automated closing in the event of wind or rain