LAMILUX Roof Exit Hatch Comfort - Single Flap:
The technical details

Design details

  • Headroom must be considered when planning and implementing the staircase on site
  • Two electric motors mounted in the outer corner
  • Sealing system with quadrilateral design

Energy efficiency

Isothermal lines indicate points featuring the same temperature and reveal a measurable customer benefit in a thermal diagram. The 10° C isothermal line, for example, is a measured variable used in building physics to ensure protection against condensate. If this line leaves a structure, condensate or even hoar frost will form precisely at this point.



Upstand – Stability and thermal insulation

The upstand (top roof edge size 120 cm x 350 cm) forms the basis for the design. It provides a thermally optimum connection to the building structure. Manufactured by LAMILUX from fibre-reinforced composite, our upstands are CFC-free, solid white in colour and thermally insulated with polyurethane hard foam. They feature weatherproof sealing and are considered as non-flammable, without burning droplets. LAMILUX upstands have a closed box section – this makes them very stable and rigid.

The continuous insulation with a thickness of at least 55 mm ensures an excellent heat transfer coefficient U of 0.6 W/m²k. The upstand is 35 cm tall on the eave side and rises by 6° to 68 cm on the roof ridge side. This supports the element's self-cleaning effect.