LAMILUX Flat roof window: The technical details

Energy efficiency

Isothermal lines indicate points featuring the same temperature and reveal a measurable customer benefit in a thermal diagram. The 10° isothermal line, for example, is a measured variable used in building physics to ensure protection against condensate. If this line goes off a structure, condensate or even hoar frost will form precisely at this point.

Design details

Thermo-active design


A patented structural ribbing uses the heat energy of the room air below the base for the glazing. This increases the surface temperature in the aluminium frame.
The result is flawless isothermal characteristics and, consequently, minimised risk of condensation.

GRP up stand

Stability and heat insulation in many models


The up stand forms the base for construction. It provides a thermally optimum mount on the building structure. Manufactured by LAMILUX using fibre-reinforced composite, our upstands are CFC-free, solid white in colour and thermally insulated with polyurethane hard foam. They include weatherproof sealing and are classified as non-flammable components with no burning droplets. LAMILUX upstands feature a closed box section, which makes them very stable and warp-resistant. Different metal inserts can be directly laminated into the structure. Secure anchorage for fittings and personal protective equipment (PPE) is guaranteed.

LAMILUX upstands can be manufactured in a great many variations with regard to height and inclination angle. They also offer many options for customised roof mounts. Example: heat-insulated base flange – variable insulation thicknesses also available on request

DIN 18234 – Prevention of fire spread on flat roofs

The GRP up stand and the aluminium surrounding frame profile render further safety measures unnecessary on flat roofs. Surface protection in the form of gravel fill is not required.