The positive effect of daylight on people's well-being can now be enhanced even further with lighting produced by LED dimmer light strips.

These strips are fitted all around the upper section of the upstand and feature an intelligent light control system, which gradually compensates for decreasing natural light incidence throughout the day until night falls.

Innovative technology

Two sources of light – daylight and artificial light – are interdependent and can be adjusted and controlled as required. LAMILUX developed this innovative system for integrating artificial light into a skylight in collaboration with Bartenbach GmbH. It features:

  • Excellent design combined with ultra-slim LED light strips.
  • Completely flicker-free light dimming
  • Extremely low heat generation from the artificial light
  • Very low energy consumption (115-120 lm/W)
  • Very long service life (warranty: 40,000 operating hours)
  • Evenly distributed, glare-free illumination



Light colour defines day and evening

Artificial dimensioning with neutral white light as determined by Bartenbach for medium illumination levels

Glass Element measure (OKD)80/80100/100120/120150/150measurement
zoned area 4000k4526318061056lx
general area 4000k138196252334lx

Illumination level and light colour

Sensitivity to ambient light largely depends on illumination levels, measured in lux, and light colour. Indicated as a colour temperature in kelvins (k), light colour refers to the hue of the light from a light source. To give you an idea of intensity, the light colour in the sky varies between 6,000 and 10,000 kelvin.

Recommendation given in EN 12464 (medium minimum lighting)

  • Entrances, passageways, stairways        100-150 lx
  • Nurseries, classrooms            300 lx
  • Office workstations                500 lx



Maximum light due to reflective and Prism LED

The perfect all-in-one solution for maximum luminous efficacy is provided by a combination between a highly reflective material and a LED light strip united in a daylight system. Natural light incidence is the most effective solution to provide an energy-efficient illumination for rooms. This effect is boosted significantly due to the reflective material and the continuously adjustable LED light can also be used to compensate for dwindling daylight.

Sizes and variants

  • Compatible for use with flat roof windows between 80/80 and 200/200 cm (top roof edge size)
  • Four-sided versions for standard upstands (also with concealed motor components)
  • Two-sided versions for open attachments (shading, cross-heads, etc.)
  • Choice between warm-white or neutral-white LEDs