LAMILUX Flat roof window: The fittings

Glazing types

Our range of glazing takes into account different aspects on an individual basis

  • Daylight intake – Transparency and light diffusion
  • Energy efficiency / heat insulation
  • Solar protection / protection against heat
  • Noise insulation
  • Self-cleaning
  • Safety – Fall-through protection


IdentifierUg valueTranslucencyTotal energy transmissionSoundproofing
W102 dual-pane glazing1,1 W/m²K80 %62 %38 dB

W103 dual-pane glazing

(with matt film)

1,1 W/m²K54 %59 %38 dB

S109 dual-pane glazing

(sun protection 60/30 neutral)

1,1 W/m²K61 %30 %38 dB

W111 dual-pane glazing

(self-cleaning effect)

1,1 W/m²K80 %62 %38 dB
W110 triple-pane glazing0,6 W/m²K72 %51 %39 dB
W303 triple-pane glazing
(with matt film)
0,6 W/m²K49 %50 %39 dB

S117 triple-pane glazing

(sun protection 60/30 neutral)

0,6 W/m²K55 %28 %39 dB

W311 triple-pane glazing

(self-cleaning effect)

0,6 W/m²K

72 %51 %39 dB

Further glazing-options on request.

Upstand mounting details

Hard PVC connecting rail

The hard PVC connecting rail is optionally laminated onto the base flange in the factory and seal-welded in the corners. High polymer PVC and VAE roof sheeting can be welded directly onto the base flange using an expanding air or hot air welding process. Figure with heat-insulated base flange.

Bitumen connection

  • Easy processing (adhesion of hot bitumen)

Improve light transmission: LAMILUX reflective

  • The light transmission of the daylight element is increased by up to 50% thanks to the patented principle of cladding with hihgly reflective aluminium material
  • Up to 33% savings in energy used for artificial light
  • Elegant surface finish gives high-quality interior appearance