LAMILUX Flat roof window: The advantages

Energy efficiency

  • High daylight intake with numerous glazing types
  • Optimal thermal insulation thanks to thermal-bridge-free overall structure
  • Intelligent controls for natural ventilation and solar protection roller blinds
  • GRP up stand heat insulated over its entire surface with a U value of < 0.9 W/m²K
  • Thermally optimised structural mount, such as a heat-insulated base flange
  • LCA made easy: For our CI Systems Glass Architecture FP/FW there is an comprehensive product declaration according to ISO 14025 and EN 15804 (EPD - modules A1 - D)


  • Pleasant indoor climate thanks to natural ventilation and solar protection roller blinds
  • Effective glazing sound insulation (EN ISO 140-3 up to 45 dB)
  • Convenient radio remote operation for ventilation system and solar protection
  • Daylight element and up stand are fully pre-assembled in the factory and interlocked. They can thus be retrofitted with an opener system at any time


  • Discreet appearance from inside and outside with slim, elegant glazing bar sections
  • Sleek, uncluttered view of the overall structure with no visible screws
  • Wide variety of colours based on RAL system (surrounding profile)


  • Permanent fall-through protection (GS-BAU-18)
  • Minimised risk of condensation on glazing interior and the frame and glazing bar sections