Continuous Rooflight W|R by LAMILUX: Advantages at a glance


  • Perfect thermal insulation with general building approval
  • Modular overall system consisting of numerous, perfectly coordinated and innovative single components
  • The interior and exterior metallic components in the supporting structure as well as in the flap systems are completely thermal separated from each other 
  • Plastic glazing with lowest heat transition coefficient
  • All glazing variants reach the highest airtightness class according to EN 12207 up to class 4


  • Efficient smoke vent effect with the CI System Smoke Lift W | R (DIN EN 12101-2), as tandem-serial
  • Fast opening in the case of fire due to thermal triggering, thermal and CO2 remote triggering or electric remote triggering.
  • All smoke and heat exhaust devices can also be combined with ventilation systems.
  • Highest stability of the open flap systems by the use of spring-loaded multiple joint traverses 
  • We maintain for you professionally and regularly 


  • General building approval: German cross reference
  • The general building approval (German: Allgemeine Bauaufsichtliche Zulassung ABZ) is issued by the ‚Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik‘ (DIBt). This certificate shows an assessment of the usability or applicability of a building product with regard to the building requirements.
  • LAMILUX quality certificate – herewith we offer the evidence that our daylight system is manufactured in accordance with the product authorization that includes the required technical standards. We keep our promise!


  • Heat insulation properties examined according to EN ISO 10077-1
  • Driving rain tightness examined according to EN 12208
  • Air tightness examined according to EN 12207
  • Resistance of the glazing against hail tested in accordance with the guidelines of ‚VKF Bern‘
  • Fire behavior of the glazing classified according to EN 13501-1
  • Melting-out of the glazing is proven according to DIN 18230-1
  • SHEV systems as single and double flap examined and classified according to EN 12101-2