LAMILUX Continuous Rooflight: The advantages

The LAMILUX CI System Continuous Rooflight SEnergyline combines the advantages of our Continuous Rooflight S in a shed design (30°/60° inclination) with those of a flat roof photovoltaic system. This daylight system will help you permanently reduce your electricity costs!


  • Combination between daylight system and environmentally friendly electricity generation due to fitted photovoltaic modules
  • North light shed with 30° pitch on the opaque shed rear featuring PV and north light side with 60° pitch allow you to make use of optimum position of sun at 30° (other shapes on request)
  • World's first continuous rooflight with certified water-tightness during heavy rain and bad weather (DRI 3.0 m/s²)
  • Completely thermally separated structure created by using new materials – designed to meet the top energy efficiency standards in modern industry and administrative buildings
  • The continuous rooflight structure withstands extremely strong winds and heavy snow loads due to innovative system components
  • Wide range of glazing types

Energy efficiency

  • Thermally separated post-and-beam structure and flap systems
  • Isothermal Load Converter (ILC) – a component designed to incorporate highly effective thermal insulation materials in the base structure
  • North light side: composite glazing (panels 10 to 32 mm thick) adapted to the building's specific energetic requirements with low thermal transmittance coefficient up to 1.2 W/(m²K)
  • Energy-efficient natural ventilation
  • Life cycle assessment made easy: CI System Continuous Rooflight S comes with a comprehensive environmental product declaration as per ISO 14025 and EN 15804 (EPD - Module A1 - D)


  • Bionically Dynamic Tensioning Technology (BDT) in the ridge area for flexible force/ tension compensation to withstand heavy wind and snow loads
  • Active Expansion Absorber (AEA) for absorbing expansion movements between seals and tensioning belts in the glazing bars
  • Dynamic Torque Control (DTC) for perfectly-tensioned, secure mounting of glazing in flap systems
  • Flap systems can be combined in models of different sizes to provide perfectly dimensioned smoke extraction surfaces
  • Linear Burn-Through Protection (LBP) to prevent fire spreading on roofs
  • Integration of smoke and heat exhaust systems (SHEVS) and SHEV control panels


  • Architecturally appealing structure in gable roof design
  • Overall modern appearance of future-oriented construction


Sebastian Kraus

Projectmanager Photovoltaiks
Phone: 09283 -595 1670
Email: Sebastian.kraus(at)