LAMILUX Continuous Rooflight: The accessories

Fall-through proof grating

  • Permanently fall-through proof in compliance with BG verification
  • Clear upturn widths between 1.00 meter to 6.00 meters 
  • Can be mounted onto curved plates

Solar protection

  • A metal screen coated in the RAL colour you require
  • Fulfil GS Building 18 requirements with regard to permanent fall-through protection
  • Potection against hail and incidental UV light

Insect protection grating

  • Integrated into the upstand  to ensure that no insects can enter the building interior when the flaps are open.

LSS - LAMILUX Safety Stripe

  • Permanent fall-through safety in accordance with regulation GS Bau 18 is guaranteed even before installing the glazing, as well as over the entire period the product is in use.
  • The system forms an integrated safety zone in the lower area of the glazing, which provides reliable and permanent fall-through safety.
  • Constant security: All tests were performed without glazing to make sure that the influence of weather and age on the glazing does not influence the security.

"Hard roofing"

  • The glazing in the CI System Continuous Rooflight S satisfies the conditions for "hard roofing" and thus the requirements for resistance to flying sparks and radiated heat as per DIN 4102, Part 7.


  • LAMILUX steel sheet upstands and all visible aluminium profiles can be custom-coated in RAL colours on request.


  • Smoke-tight, Inconbustible A1
  • Structure: 2mm Alu / PC 10 / 2mm Alu
  • Application:for the subdivision of fire compartments, the PC of  the rooflight-glazing melt out and the smoke immunisation  limited the fire area.


  • all ventilator sytems have an electric cover flap
  • Installation depends on: light bandwidth, mounting position, inclination First rider

Further available amenities: roof hatch