Electrical control solutions

Electrical control units – Optimum flexibility in functions and projects

LAMILUX control technologies breathe life into buildings of all sizes. Such buildings comprise a whole range of structures, from classic industrial sheds with smoke and heat ventilation systems integrated into rooflight domes or continuous rooflights featuring fire detector and trigger technology through to major prestige projects with complete fire safety, daylight control and energy-efficient climate optimisation design concepts.

Wind-direction-controlled SHEVS as part of building control systems

Human life needs to be protected in adverse weather conditions and even more so in the event of a fire in building interiors.

SHEV flaps in roof sections are generally designed and tested for any wind conditions, but DIN 18232-2 requires aSHEV activation system which depends on wind speed and direction for smoke extraction surfaces in external walls.

LAMILUX CI Control complies with this requirement by using two wind sensors (2D anemometers) in its SHEV control systems. These function independently from one another and thus offer reliable measurement accuracy.

The 2D anemometers also make a positive contribution to the building climate thanks to functions such as continually adjustable, automatic, low--draught ventilation or night cooling.

The LAMILUX 2D anemometer wind sensor will provide safety for the long-term, because it measures wind data using ultrasonic sound waves, a system which is

  • contactless,
  • low-maintenance and
  • free from wear.

System complies with

  • DIN 18232-2
  • German High-Rise Building Guidelines (MHHR)

Compact and modular systems

Compact control technology for small applications

We plan and install the overall package based on a 24 volt electric control panel for SHEV systems:

  • Compact control panel for SHEVS
  • Fire detector and triggering units
  • Flap drives
  • Wiring
  • CI Control Lift Shaft Smoke Extraction LSE: smoke extraction in lift shafts with smoke exhaust system activation

Control of comfort functions are even possible for smaller electrical solutions:

  • Ventilation flap automation and drives
  • Control of night cooling

The next step: modular control technology

Electric modular control panels offer options for intelligent control of more complex SHEV and automation concepts:

  • Formation of defined free groupings and addition of comfort functions (time-dependent ventilation and night cooling)
  • Subsequent re-structuring and reorganisation of groups possible at any time
  • Integration into the central building control system with feedback functions for the individual activated components (opening and operating status)
  • Separate, isolated activation for individual elements in the building envelope, bus connections and building control system interlinks

Freely programmable systems

Systems without limits

The LAMILUX SPS control unit represents a trendsetting, innovative IT solution with almost unlimited options for SHEV control panels and building automation. Already in use in numerous major projects such as BMW World and Terminal II at Munich airport, this self-developed technology knows no limits when it comes to flexibility and functional ranges.

  • Unlimited integration of SHEV and building components
  • Central control of pneumatic and electric systems
  • Freely programmable controls
  • Implementation of almost all customer-specific and tailored control solutions
  • Easy integration of additional special and comfort functions, such as solar protection controls, escape door controls, disabled access door controls, time-controlled ventilation, upstroke restriction, night cooling and door controls
  • Great flexibility for integration into building management systems
  • Communication also via TCP/IP and data transfer via Ethernet
  • Convenient operation using touch panels with comprehensive control and status messages
  • Fast system maintenance over the internet

LAMILUX CI-Control eVent – Control building climates intelligently

Pay attention, architects, building services planners and facility managers

With LAMILUX CI-Control eVent, you will achieve maximum flexibility in activation units for natural ventilation systems based on a pneumatic or electric drive.

A compact control unit will enable you to operate ventilation systems using pneumatic and electrical drives and synchronise functional processes with the building's heating and air conditioning systems to ensure energy efficiency. You will thus optimise the building climate and achieve an improved working environment.


  • The system can be re-programmed and extended to include additional components, functions and control features

Coordination & energy efficiency

  • LAMILUX CI-Control eVent provides perfect coordination with heating, climate and ventilation systems.


  • You save time and effort required for opening individual ventilation flaps. LAMILUX CI-Control eVent can also be reliably and conveniently operated via a display.