CI-Control - Intelligent control technology

LAMILUX Building Automation Systems


LAMILUX has experience – since 50 years as a producer of premium quality daylight systems and smoke and heat ventilation systems (SHEVS), since many years as a planner and developer of intelligent SHEV control technologies and energy-efficient automations of building comfort. As a system integrator, LAMILUX can control SHEV systems and system components for climate optimisation and control of light direction as well as network all functions to the central building management system.

What sets us apart: Individual system design, specific for type, size and usage of the building and intelligent connection of the different components.

Construction technology

  • Planning, concept and delivery of the control technologies 
  • Production, assembly and maintenance of the controls and switchgears
  • Planning of the entire drive and control technology
  • Production and assembly of the daylight systems, the flap systems and the SHEV systems – LAMILUX CI Systems
  • Delivery and assembly of the shade system and the system to control the light direction
  • Laying of all cables (electric systems) and pipes (pneumatic systems)


Discover the possibilities of our building management solutions with the help of our interactive animation. Please click on the left picture to start the animation.

Construction technology

Design and planning of control solutions based on comprehensive know-how regarding building and safety technology requirements in modern buildings:

  • Dimensioning of smoke and heat ventilation systems
  • Lighting analysis for the desired daylight intake
  • Design concept for natural ventilation based on the required air change rate
  • Planning of solar protection systems
  • Consideration of all heat protection and sound insulation requirements, such as isothermal aspects
  • Structural analysis for opening devices


Project-related selection of required components plus customer-specific programming and configuration of control devices to ensure efficient implementation and harmonisation of desired and required functions:

Building safety


  • Reliable fire protection thanks to SHEV systems

Building comfort


  • Optimisation of the building climate thanks to natural ventilation and solar protection

Energy efficiency


  • All control and automation sequences perfectly harmonised to ensure an optimised energy balance in the building

System technology

Integration, design and development of control systems for automation and drive control of all moving and controllable elements in the roof and façade, such as SHEV and ventilation flaps, and solar protection devices:

  • Electric control units for 24 V, 230 V and 400V drive components
  • Pneumatic control units for ventilation and SHEV systems based on compressed air and/or CO2
  • Freely programmable central and local control units for both electrical and pneumatic systems
  • Control units integrated and networked into the central building control system
  • Bus connections via all established communication standards such as Ethernet, LON, EIB, Profibus and Modbus

Product technology

Supply and fitting of highly efficient construction products from our wide LAMILUX CI Systems range and integration of elements which already exist on site:

  • Flap systems for smoke and heat exhaust and natural ventilation
  • Inside shutter systems such as pleated blinds and exterior and glazing-integrated roller blinds
  • Fresh air flaps
  • Parapet flaps
  • Facade flaps
  • Air vents
  • Smoke extraction systems for lift shaft smoke removal
  • Revolving doors
  • Swing and casement windows