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How quickly can you deliver?

2-4 weeks, depending on the product quality.

Can surfaces be repaired in the event of damage?

Yes. The actual repair process itself depends on the product quality and the extent of the damage.

Which products are food-safe?

Some of our products are food-safe. These include Anti-Slip and High Impact.

Which products are flame-resistant? Which industrial standards can be met?

Products above about 1.2 mm comply with DIN 4102 B2; other classes on request.

Which products are particularly resistant to chemicals?

LAMILUX Vinylester (VE).

What widths are available for products?

Up to 3,200 mm wide

Can GRP panels be fastened with screws?

Yes. However, it is recommended to use washers with thin GRPs.

Are all products UV resistant?

Products with a gelcoat layer are highly resistant to UV light, a property which is found in most of our products.

Are all products paintable?

Yes. However, we recommend using products with a gelcoat layer.

What is the minimum order quantity?

Minimum order quantities depend on the product quality. Small order quantities can be supplied for standard products. In the case of special products, we recommend a minimum order quantity of about 500 -1,000 m² due to the required machine set-up times and the portion of costs for setting up.

What is the procedure if just a small re-supply is required due to a defect?

The delivery periods depend very much on the product type. If it is a standard product, a re-supply can be provided within a very short period of time. A longer time frame needs to be taken into consideration on an individual basis in the case of special products manufactured according to customer requirements.

Is there a more flexible equivalent for each product?


Does LAMILUX also offer multi-coloured products?

Yes, Dual-Colour and Colour-Split. However, we are currently only able to provide two colours.