Research and development for optimum utility

LAMILUX Fibre-Reinforced Plastics are living materials – Our research and development department provides input at all stages of a fibre-reinforced composite material's development and production cycle. This is when those product characteristics which offer optimum, practice-oriented or application-oriented benefits are created and shaped.

The product concept: new development and optimisation


We develop and test new formulas, check raw materials and produce bench-scale prototypes or manufacture them directly on our production lines. The time and expense invested in sample production is worthwhile. We believe our customers should be able to visualise the material and processing characteristics in order to make balanced, successful decisions.

The testing process is made complete by systematic tests and analyses, specified in a structured sequence plan. We test the fibre-reinforced composites under the real conditions to which they will be subjected when put to their intended use.

Production: permanent monitoring of all on-going processes


We subject all raw materials, such as resins, supplied by our partners to strict inspection upon arrival. The glass mats that we further process and the additives we use also undergo a permanent quality check. We carry out checks during the composite's continual production process and correct any steps in the process wherever necessary.

The final product: intensive quality control


At the end of the production process, we examine the mechanical, visual and physical qualities, such as colour, glossiness, glass content and mass per unit area, and also test thermal and chemical resistance, fire behaviour and weathering resistance. Our customers also ask us to carry out their own specific tests.

A transparent presentation of all results takes high priority for all control processes. During the valuation, analysis and summary, all data on the material acquired from the process checks and final inspection are transferred to clearly-structured and reasoned databases immediately after they have been obtained and then analysed against criteria which is structured according to relevance.