Methods: tests, measurements and technical equipment

Comprehensive checks and tests provide a solid basis which can be used to further develop our fibre-reinforced composites, analyse their properties and reliably ensure the quality of end products. We invest in state-of-the-art equipment for this purpose and continually expands our laboratory capacities


LAMILUX is the world's first manufacturer of fibre-reinforced composites to have voluntarily submitted a major portion of its laboratory and testing facilities to testing by TÜV Süd Deutschland and to have successfully obtained certification. With this, LAMILUX has submitted itself to the very highest quality requirements.


Automotive Standard Composites

Product tests

Thickness measurement

  • Measurement of material thickness

Verification of hardness (Barcol hardness test)

Chemical and thermal tests

  • Tests to establish reaction to different temperatures

Impact resistance

  • Impact resistance test

Environmental tests

  • Outdoor exposure tests to verify aspects such as colour fastness at our headquarters in Rehau, Germany and in Arizona in the US
  • Weathering analysis based on a Xenotest

Fire test

  • Testing of behaviour in fire

Gas-phase chromatograph

  • Measurement of styrene residue content

Coat thickness measurement

  • Measurement of gelcoat layer

Bend tests on face sheets and sandwich panels

  • Tests on sandwich panels

Dynamic mechanical analysis

  • Testing of material properties under usage conditions

Testing of tensile strength and tensile modulus of elasticity