LAMILUX Heinrich Strunz Group – A company run by a family

"Family companies are in the best position to unite tradition with modernity and move forward into the future on a basis of human virtue and a commitment to values. A strong sense of responsibility towards the company and all those who help to create value as well as towards the environment and society at large is the hallmark of our company, now managed by the third generation of the same family."


Dr. Dorothee Strunz, Managing Partner, LAMILUX Heinrich Strunz Group



… serves as a guideline and focus for our operations at LAMILUX: in product development and production methods, product life cycles and product value. It influences our daily approach to operations and long-term, independent economic activity, investment planning and future strategies. It shapes organisational structures and recruitment, employee retention and training of young employees. Each decision in these areas is part of a long-term, accountable corporate strategy. We do not think in terms of quarters, we think in terms of generations. 

A focus on values... 

… is one of the key basic principles on which LAMILUX is founded: respect, a sense of decency, humanity, recognition and performance enhancement are decisive factors in our corporate culture. Adherence to basic, confidence-building virtues such as diligence, friendliness, honesty, a sense of responsibility and ability to take criticism ensures a level of transparency which gives our employees the scope to develop their skills and abilities of their own accord within flat hierarchies. Such development does not take place within an large, anonymous organisation, but in a personal, familial environment.

Investment in the future... 

… based on realistic expansion plans and market assessments are key milestones in solid company development. Over recent years, we have invested 35 million euros in expanding our production capacities and our headquarters. We see each individual project as an impulse for medium-sized company entrepreneurship which has always resulted in success. We have also seen our annual turnover sometimes increase by more than 20 per cent over the last five years.


... is increasingly afforded to medium-sized companies by the political class and society as a whole. Particularly in times of economic crisis, there is an increasing awareness that medium-sized companies are the stabilising force in the economy. LAMILUX has received prestigious awards in German business competitions such as "Bayerns Best 50", the "Grand Medium-Sized Business Prize" or the "Medium-Sized Business Lion" for its sustainable growth, its innovative spirit and its commitment to providing professional training for young people.

On an international level... 

… family business owners have joined "FBN international – The Family Business Network" and networked within this organisation. The network's founding principles come under the title "A Sustainable Future: For our people – For our communities – For the environment – For future generations".

FBN international - The Family Business Network

Company location

Rehau – LAMILUX Heinrich Strunz GmbH's location

Our company was founded by Heinrich Strunz in Rehau, Upper Franconia, Southern Germany in 1909, where the company still has its headquarters today. All investments in recent years are a continuation of a long tradition in loyalty towards the location and ties with our home town.

The administrative building and a large number of our production workshops and warehouses are still situated on the plot of land where our company's history began with a carpenters' workshop and a saw mill. Over the years, more and more buildings have appeared on the extensive company premises. This is where employees used to produce components for ready-to-mount timber structures – workshops and homes made of wood which found ready markets across Germany thanks to their innovative modular design.

The landscape at the site has changed time and again as buildings are demolished and new buildings constructed to meet the needs of the company's new strategies and provide parallel production for different segments in the timber- and composite-processing business sector.

Due to reasons of space, in 2006 LAMILUX expanded beyond its company premises for the first time when it invested in a new production line for fibre-reinforced composites almost 150 meters long and acquired land in an industrial area on the outskirts of Rehau. This additional production location was expanded further three years later when a new production workshop for rooflight domes and upstands was built.