The LAMILUX Company Guidelines

1 Products and services

We provide technically complex solutions to specific markets. We focus on markets where we are able to achieve a substantial market share with the different means available to us. We are not concerned with becoming the biggest, but we do want to be the best. Our services are exceptional in terms of calibre.

We provide premium quality within short lead times; we process enquiries and orders immediately, and respond flexibly to customer wishes. We are completely reliable and keep our promises.
Our products and services all contribute to the well-being of society at large.

2 Customers

We are aware that we owe our present and future existence entirely to our customers. It is our aim to satisfy and please our customers beyond expectations.

Our customers' requirements are the driving force behind the continued development of our organisation and our approach in all corporate departments.
We aspire to form a long-term, mutually beneficial business relationship with our suppliers and our customers.

3 Employees

We understand that employees make the most important contribution to the success of a company. That is why we employ the best workforce in the industry. We encourage our staff to acquire skills and promote willingness to achieve and entrepreneurial spirit in our employees at all levels.

Relationships between all members of staff are characterized by courtesy, understanding and mutual respect.
Our employees are committed to their work and enjoy it; they identify with the company and are loyal to it.
An excellent working atmosphere is the basis of our economic success.
Our workplaces are attractively designed and fulfil all relevant health and safety requirements.

4 Policy

We see our selves as a medium-sized family business. Our independence is of fundamental importance to us. The decisions we make are largely uninfluenced by third parties.

We have adopted a profit-oriented growth strategy. Our profits are far higher than the average for the sector. We make a major contribution to the development of our particular industry.
We regard competition as a "sporting" challenge and would like to "win" by fair means. We continually adapt to meet changing market requirements.
Our company is regarded as high-performing, customer-friendly and personable when viewed from the inside or outside. Our company is attractive, ordered and professional.

5 Organisation

Our organisational structure promotes a customer-oriented, entrepreneurial approach. It focuses on the process of adding value. Each post is held by the best person for the job, and each member of staff holds the position best suited to them. Interfaces between departments are "seams" which collaborate without departmental bias to help us achieve company goals.

Our organisational structure provides absolute transparency with respect to the company's profit and cost situation, product groups and individual items.

6 Environment

Our company is very much aware of its responsibilities towards the environment and society. Our company supports worthwhile social activities.

We fulfil all environmental requirements as a minimum and act in a responsible way towards our fellow human beings and the environment. We use a resource-conserving approach to our work.