LAMILUX Flat roof window: The fittings


Datadouble thermal insulation glazingtriple thermal insulation glazing
Ug - valuesca. 1,1 W/(m²/K)ca. 0,7 W/(m²/K)
Energy admissionca. 57 %ca. 51 %
Noise insulationca. 38 dBca. 39 dB
Light transmissionca. 80 %ca. 72 %
  • The first building approved flat roof window in ‘structural glazing’ design – certified by the German Institute for Structural Engineering (Deutsche Institut für Bautechnik, DIBt) in Berlin
  • Optional opalescent heat protection insulation glass with clear, matt film
  • Equipped as standard single-layer safety glass (toughened glass)

Available sizes

Order sizes OKD (cm)
  60 / 60
  60 / 90
  60 / 120
  70 / 135
  80 / 80
  80 / 150
  90 / 90
  90 / 120
  90 / 145
100 / 100
100 / 150
120 / 120
120 / 150
125 / 125
140 / 140
150 / 150


  • Available with upstand heights of 15, 30, 40 and 50 cm
  • For better self cleaning, a 40 cm high upstand with pitch roof geometry, inclined at 5°, is available, including a thermal insulation core, 60 mm thick, (recommended for roof gradients of less than 5°)
  • Seamless upstand
  • Complies with DIN 18234 with no additional measures required
  • Glass element pre-mounted on the upstand, ex works

Special upstands – the perfect mount on foil or profiled sheeting roofs

Improve light transmission: LAMILUX reflective

  • The light transmission of the daylight element is increased by up to 50% thanks to the patented principle of cladding with hihgly reflective aluminium material
  • Up to 33% savings in energy used for artificial light
  • Elegant surface finish gives high-quality interior appearance

Upstand mounting details

The hard PVC connecting rail is optionally laminated onto the base flange in the factory and seal-welded in the corners. High polymer PVC and VAE roof sheeting can be welded directly onto the base flange using an expanding air or hot air welding process. Figure with heat-insulated base flange.

Foil attachment

The upstand features a foil connection which is affixed in the factory. The foil is pulled up at the upstand and fitted as a circumferential sealing element in line with the manufacturer's instructions. The foil is also fastened mechanically with a special aluminum section. The upper join on the upstand is also sealed with PU adhesive for weather resistance.

Bitumen connection

  • Easy processing (adhesion of hot bitumen)

Smoke extraction of stairwells

Smoke extraction of stairwells becomes easy and simple with our standard sets for smoke extraction for stairwells. No complex SHEV calculations needed. Click here for more information.